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In the good old days when you found yourself in a dentist’s or doctor’s waiting room you could wile away the time to the dreaded appointment with glorious copies of ‘Punch’...

But no longer. Instead, all we have are battered copies of various motor magazines depicting ridiculous vehicles which we could neither afford or risk driving on our crowded camera riddled roads. And the other reading matter…usually pointless celeb obsessed women’s (I assume) magazines or even more pointless glossies on what latest must have gizmo you should rush out and buy. I found one the other day dedicated to GPS satellite navigation. Why. I mean who gives a toss.

Society is in a mess and I can see why. Bring back ‘Punch’ and put cartoons in every magazine and newspaper. You don’t need glossy paper. Drop every celeb feature ever written. No wonder people look depressed. It’s not the economy, it’s what they read.

I haven’t been to the dentist in several years.

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If there are only five senses, then where does a sense of humour fit in? Somewhere between the medulla oblongata and the Dardanelles I should think... LOL
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